We aim to partner with

Government bodies to make Entrepreneurship Cirruculum

accessible to every student across India

Swajivi Maharashtra

A Flagship Impact-oriented Program For Governments & Foundations

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Our Entrepreneurship Mindset Development program launched in association with the Government of Maharashtra and the State Council of Educational Research & Training, Maharashtra (SCERTM) aims at awakening the spirit of entrepreneurship among school children.

Swajivi stands for SWApna - the ability to dream big, JIdd - the drive to fulfill those dreams & VIshwas - the confidence & conviction in one’s ability to do it! Through Swajivi, we aim to transform this nation that thrives on a job-seeker mentality & build a generation of job creators & change drivers.

The scale of the program

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Model Schools

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Impact of Swajivi

Transforming the mindset of children from ‘job seekers’ to ‘solution builders’ who become ‘job creators’ by identifying, empathizing & solving community problems, thereby building capabilities to create a meaningful livelihood for themselves.

Experiential Learning Workshop

 learning workshop

How we can help states make children Swajivi?

Here’s how our Swajivi model can be deployed across states - making children Swajivi. We are successfully doing it across Maharashtra & we can do it across the nation too!

5 step roll out plan

We are nurturing the Swapna, Jidd & Vishwaas in the children of Maharashtra - Making them Swajivi. To understand how to bring Swajivi to your state.