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CSR Partnership Program With Bayer Foundation

Helping Bayer Foundation fulfill their CSR objectives ‘to bring science learning outside the classroom’ through our Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) Enhancement Program. Together we impacted over 11000+ Students, across 38+ Schools, in 5 states. Here’s a glimpse of our partnership…

Bayer-ENpower Social Impact - An Overview
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Co-branded Program With Axis Bank

Axis Bank & ENpower jointly organized a ‘Design Thinking Workshop’ to engage children of privileged customers of the private banking segment - Burgundy Private.

Burgundy Private X ENpower
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How would YOU like to partner with ENpower?

We have curated a wide range of engagement options designed to connect organizations with the most important demographics of India… Young Adults! ENpower’s customized entrepreneurship learning programs can be seamlessly integrated with your company's objectives, whether they involve CSR-led community initiatives or partnered learning programs empowering future job creators. Through our programs, you can empower children to build meaningful livelihoods & engage young minds through brand simulations & hackathons. Partner with us & connect with the power of thinking of the gen-nxt.

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CSR Partnerships

Organizations committed to advancing educational outcomes as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives will find a strong alignment with ENpower's vision. Partner with us to build confidence among children from rural & disadvantaged areas of India to generate meaningful livelihoods & be job creators of the future. With our extensive network of facilitators across 7 states, & through our partnership with AIM, we promote technology learning. Our proven implementation model in schools & comprehensive impact assessment framework enable organizations to effectively meet their CSR objectives.

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Student Idea Mentorship

ENpower is at the forefront of groundbreaking initiatives aimed at establishing a nationwide network of mentors in India. Our objective is to assist students in developing innovative ideas. We invite organizations to participate in our 'Employee Volunteer Program' by encouraging their employees to get involved. This program offers employees a chance to engage with the community, stay abreast of the innovative ideas of young minds, understand their thought process and gain insights of future disruptive innovations.

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Brand Engagement Interventions

ENpower offers a robust platform for companies to create engagement programs for children, aligning with their brand equity objectives. From promoting technology awareness & financial literacy to fostering opinions on health, sanitation, gender equity, & other SDGs, ENpower drives innovative thinking among students. Additionally, we provide curated workshops for children of employees or customers to enhance engagement.

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Seed Funding

By participating in our IFT platform, organizations have the chance to offer seed funding to ideas within their respective domains, including agri-tech, fintech, ed-tech, health & sanitation, beauty & wellness, retail, ITES, & more. This opportunity opens doors for student project internships, idea incubation, intellectual property development, & fostering community innovation. It aligns seamlessly with the mission of 'Enterprising India' & provides broader avenues for growth & collaboration.

Engage with Young minds & Empower
them with the confidence to be Change drivers of the future.