ENpower’s 9-step Journey
For every child to become an ‘Agent of Change’

An experiential and gamified learning ecosystem, specially curated for children between 8-18 years of age, helping them to identify real world problems and convert them into opportunities using 21st Century Life Skills, build innovative ideas using technology enablers, build user centric solutions using Design Thinking Framework and create venture models using an Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Student Transformation Stories

  • Atulya's E-Cycle | Flagship CSR Initiative of IndusInd Bank | Pradaan | ENpower
    Atulya img
  • Akshit Bansal | Transformation Journey | Indias Future Tycoons
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  • Sindhuja Venkatraman’s Journey From IFT to WYEC
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  • Shraddhangini Jena | Testimonial | Indias Future Tycoons
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  • स्वजीवी महाराष्ट्र'- मुलांमध्ये स्वप्न - जिद्द - विश्वास निर्माण करणारा एक परिवर्तनशील उपक्रम
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  • स्वजीवी महाराष्ट्र'- मुलांमध्ये स्वप्न - जिद्द - विश्वास निर्माण करणारा एक परिवर्तनशील उपक्रम
    Team Saathi
  • स्वजीवी महाराष्ट्र'- मुलांमध्ये स्वप्न - जिद्द - विश्वास निर्माण करणारा एक परिवर्तनशील उपक्रम
    Team Saathi
  • India’s Future Tycoons S#3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Saathi
    Team Saathi
  • India’s Future Tycoons S#3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Amita
    Team Amita
  • India’s Future Tycoons S#3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Saksham
    Team Saksham
  • India’s Future Tycoons S#3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Innovation
    Team Innovation
  • India’s Future Tycoons | Season 3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Sehpaathi
    Team Sehpaathi

I.D.E.A. Labs

Innovation. Design Thinking. Entrepreneurship. Accelerator.

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Structured Curriculum

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Workshops & Simulations

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D-I-Y Projects

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Impact & Assessments

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Industry Linkages

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Grand Showcase

India’s Future Tycoons (IFT)

Young minds are a powerhouse of breakthrough ideas…. provided they get a platform to showcase them! That’s what IFT is all about!

India’s Future Tycoons (IFT) is India’s first entrepreneurship search & mentorship platform for young adults. At IFT every idea counts! With free access and year-round registrations, students aged 13-18 from any school nationwide can register their ideas on IFT and gain access to mentorship from industry experts, embarking on an experiential entrepreneurship journey like no other.

IFTians go through Five Levels of fun-filled & interactive learning sessions. Each step of the way, participants refine their problem statements, ideas, solution architectures, and venture models. Eventually, the Top 24 ideas of the year that make it to Level 5, witness a power-packed three-day residential boot camp. Participants have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a grand jury, vying for a spot among the Top 12 ideas of the nation to advance to our prestigious IFT Mega Finale Show. At the Finale, the Top 12 teams pitch their ideas to an esteemed panel of industry experts, competing for seed funding, cash prizes, and invaluable mentorship opportunities.

Our platform has successfully helped finalists secure funding for their ideas and launch their ventures with the guidance of our dedicated mentors. Moreover, IFT opens doors for finalists to showcase their venture ideas on esteemed national and international platforms, such as NFTE and UNGCNI Global Convention.

Unlock the potential of young minds with a platform that celebrates their breakthrough ideas - IFT, India's Future Tycoons! Understand how you can be a part of India’s Future Tycoons…

Our Engagements

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Corporate Partners

Aligning credible CSR programs with desired impact outputs. Customizing programs for children with the objective of customer & employee engagement.

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Government & Foundations

Transforming a nation of job-seekers to build a generation of job creators through partnerships with governments & foundation

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Schools & Institutes

Customizing our comprehensive entrepreneurship learning ecosystem to meet the needs of individual schools

Program Impact Stories

ENpower’s collaborative and participative ecosystem involves Corporate Partners, Governments & Foundations to support schools from diverse backgrounds, geographies, & communities. Together we nurture an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among school children. Here’s a glimpse into some of our impact-focused partnership programs.

Bayer-ENpower ATL Enhancement Program

Bayer, a global life science company, teams up with Niti Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) through Bayer Foundation India to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship among youth. They support Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) in seven states, sparking curiosity and creativity in schools. To enhance ATLs' impact, Bayer partners with ENpower, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and tech skills in children.

Flagship CSR Initiative by IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank's CSR initiative supports rural communities in Aspirational Districts, partnering with PRADAN and WOTR. ENpower, along with NITI Aayog's ATLs, engages students in entrepreneurship and innovation. By using Design Thinking, students tackle community challenges, creating meaningful changes.

Swajivi Maharashtra Program By Govt. Of Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, 67 lakh students attend 26,800 schools. Despite progress in infrastructure and digitization, our education system should focus on nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset. This approach encourages problem-solving and critical thinking, vital for the evolving job market. "Swajivi Maharashtra" is a collaboration between various stakeholders, promoting entrepreneurship education for students aged 8 to 17.

Here’s how they experienced ENpower

  • Dr. Sanjay Rathore
    Model School Teacher Zilla Parishad Primary School, Kolharwadi, Ahmednagar

    "Through this workshop, we teachers have developed the ability to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset in children."

  • Mrs. Sangeeta Mane
    Model School Teacher Zilla Parishad School, Dhangaon, Sangli

    "This workshop taught us how entrepreneurial mindset can be taught through an entertaining film as well."

  • Dr. Pramod Kumawat
    Professor, District Education and Training Institute, Aurangabad

    "This training on how to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset in students has also succeeded in changing our mindset as teachers."

  • Srinivas Parimi
    EV, Bayer Foundation(Telangana)

    “This is not about me but how current generation responds to you. We as adults should be able to hear them, understand their perspective and be one of them. I learned that I can be better in my thinking about my career and have ‘clarity’. When 80% of group raised their hands in support of ‘donating’ it truly made me emotional that I should be ‘donating’ more or giving back to society more. Their polite gestures taught me that I could be more ‘polite’. I may be doing injustice as the experience I felt internally are not coming out as effective words here. Honestly I can’t wait to go back to that school or such schools.”

  • Mr. Mahendra
    Principal, St. Peter’s High School

    “👍🙏 thank you for the great initiative that Enpower and Bayer Organisation has taken in nurturing the innovative skill of our students. Thank you for your continuous follow-up and grateful to you for providing a platform to our students to showcase their talent. Hoping to see many more future endeavours with your support.”

  • Students, Maharashtra

    “We created an alert system for healthcare professionals that helps them administer timely medication without a cognitive overload. We did face a lot of challenges as we were not aware about the technology but our mentors helped us build this. ”

  • Jyothsana, Teacher
    MJP School, Andhra Pradesh

    “Bayer-ENpower helped us understand complex technologies in a simple ways. The training really helped us go back to school and apply all the learning in the classroom.”

  • Students, Paderu, Andhra Pradesh

    "Until now, we have only had theory sessions in school, it was boring. This program allows us to conduct fun scientific experiments, explore amazing technologies, like microcontrollers and build prototypes by ourselves."

  • Mr Gowry Sankhar Rao
    District Education Officer, Paderu, Andhra Pradesh.

    "With the help of NITI Aayog AIM and Bayer institute, upskilling of students has rapidly increased and we can see the students have in-depth knowledge of their innovations. It is wonderful to see how confidently they are presenting their projects."


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Structured Curriculum

Our comprehensive & well-structured curriculum, aligned with the New Educational Policy (NEP), offers age-appropriate & grade-wise entrepreneurship education for young adults. Schools can effortlessly integrate our I.D.E.A Labs curriculum into their learning pedagogy. It features gamified lesson plans & can be divided into modular structures such as co-curricular activities, clubs, workshops, or simulations. We also provide teacher training modules to support smooth implementation.

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Workshops & Simulations

We offer a portfolio of modular & experiential workshops with specific learning objectives for student groups. These workshops encompass learning technology enablers, problem identification, opportunity evaluation, design thinking, nurturing entrepreneurial mindset, & the journey from idea to venture, among others. Our domain experts curate workshops & programs based on desired learning outcomes, industry linkages, student demographics, & deployment methods.

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D-I-Y Projects

In the quest of providing students with a hands-on entrepreneurial experience, we have developed Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects that empower them to create their own prototypes, tech-led solutions, & venture models. These projects are designed around real-world problems, SDGs, & industry domains, inspiring students to recognize their potential as future change drivers.

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Impact & Assessments

Our impact assessment framework enables educators to measure, assess, & remediate the progress of each child in building 21st-century life skills. The assessments are engaging & gamified. We have introduced EnQ, India's first entrepreneurship mindset measurement index, which allows institutes to track their progress in nurturing a mindset of "job creators" instead of "job-seekers" among the students.

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Industry Linkages

We have established strong connections with the industry & startup ecosystem to enhance our learning ecosystem. Through a series of masterclasses by domain experts, mentor networks, industry-linked idea hackathons, & corporate internships, we provide unique engagement opportunities. These initiatives inspire students to explore entrepreneurial thinking & gain valuable industry exposure.

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Grand Showcase

To foster inspiration & recognition of talent among students, we have developed a comprehensive framework of "Showcase Days'' for schools to organize in their institutes. These events include day-long fun-filled activities, idea pitching to jury panels, idea hackathons, & techpreneurship challenges. We support schools from conceptualization to execution, mentoring groundbreaking ideas, securing seed funding, filing intellectual property, & representing at national & international idea platforms, earning accolades for both students & their institutes.