How Children Think



Making Learning Fun

An age-appropriate & structured curriculum that makes learning an enjoyable & personalized experience for children while they build essential life-skills



Unlock Potential

A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) learning pedagogy that gives children a first-hand experience of the entrepreneurial way of solving problems & building ventures



Discovering Talent

A platform for early teens to build, showcase & incubate their venture ideas with the support of mentors, coaches & start-ups

The world is changing & it’s time we wake up!

  • Are you looking at ways to integrate ‘Skills of 2030’ with your school’s academic programs?
  • Do you want to lead your school to encourage innovative thinking among students?
  • Are you keen to expose students to real-life challenges rather than just focusing on marks & grades?
  • Do you foresee your school as a torchbearer of holistic learning?

If these questions are on your mind, then we welcome you to ENpower, India’s first comprehensive entrepreneurship learning ecosystem for school children! ...

ENpower has a core belief that children, with early exposure to entrepreneurial mindset & life skills, build abilities to think beyond the obvious, nurture inner conviction to overcome challenges, manage failures & collaborate to solve problems.

Recognizing the need of schools, educators & parents, ENpower has built an entrepreneurship learning ecosystem for schools. It consists of engaging interventions ranging from workshops, boot camps, problem-solving hackathons, assessment tools, teacher training programs to flagship mentorship platforms.

All these interventions are age-appropriate, modular, backed by a structured curriculum, deployed through experiential learning techniques. It gives us great flexibility to customize a solution to suit the specific needs of schools across boards, regions & income groups. We enjoy partnering with organizations, foundations, governments or initiatives that help us to reach our goal to ENpower one million children by 2025!

ENpower's Entrepreneurship
Learning Ecosystem

ENpower has been building a collaborative & participative ecosystem involving educators, policymakers, foundations, mentors, corporates & start-ups that supports schools from diverse backgrounds, geographies, & board affiliations in nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among children.

We have curated interventions that are modular to suit the specific needs of schools & children, customized according to:

  • Physical or virtual interactions
  • Remote learning institutes or systems having limited or no access to technology or the internet
  • Varied learning needs & durations at schools


Learning Culture

An immersive workshop that facilitates the readiness of schools in building a Life Skills & Citizenship Education (LSCE) framework


Design Thinking
For Educators
& Teachers

Nurturing Design Thinking mindset among educators to make education & learning more relevant, effective & enjoyable for students



A structured year-long calendar of programs & interventions that introduce students to the journey & mindset of an entrepreneur


UN GCNI Certified
& Sustainability Course

High-impact course curated to nurture ‘Entrepreneurship & Sustainability in the minds of young leaders, who are future changemakers


Life Skill Lab

Comprehensive framework, pedagogy & tools for introducing Life skills aligned with NEP2020


I.D.E.A. Labs

Simulation workshops for children providing step by step guidance on entrepreneurial traits, thinking, process & mindset


Behind The Suits

Behind The Suits (BTS) is a nationwide, virtual hunt for ground-breaking ideas, where any student from the age of 13 To 18 years can participate for FREE.


Internships & Projects

Curated project internships for students to have a first-hand experience of careers & professions


Design Thinking

Customized fun interventions for children to use design thinking tools to solve complex problems with innovative ideas


Accelium Gamified
Life Skill Learning

Accelium is an Israel-based learning platform that gamifies life skill learning for children making learning engaging


Accelium’s Life Skill

A complete solution for the school to measure, assess & remediate their students on life skills in a fun & gamified way


India's Future
Tycoons (IFT)

India's first entrepreneurship search & mentorships platform that builds & showcases the entrepreneurial talent of young adults

Know How It Works

India's Future Tycoons

India's Future Tycoons is India’s first entrepreneurship search & mentorship platform for young adults (13-18). Young minds buzzing with ideas find a perfect launchpad to their entrepreneurial abilities with IFT. It is a nationwide drive to search for students with ideas that have the potential to change the world. We mentor these young changemakers to convert their ideas into meaningful ventures & showcase them to seasoned industry experts.

With our partners, United Nations Global Compact (UN GCNI) & Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), IFT helps children align their ideas with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create ventures that contribute to the greater good of our world!

IFT is an annual event, power-packed with entrepreneurship learning bootcamps, mentorship opportunities, larger-than-life showcases, rewards & so much more...

The journey:

IFT Season #1 in 2019 reached out to over 3300 students across 52 cities in India. Participants created awe-inspiring venture ideas on four SDGs: Education, Poverty, Healthy Eating, Water Supply & Sanitation. The winning teams got a platform to present their ideas at the UNGC National Conference, Mumbai.

Growing bigger in impact & reach, the IFT Season #2 in 2020 reached out to over 7700 students across 330 schools from 130+ cities. Participants built ideas that can solve the water crisis in India. The four episodic grand finale round crossed over 5 million views on Youtube, giving our young entrepreneurs their claim to fame!

IFT Season #3 in 2021 was all about transforming the education system! Beating pandemic blues, over 7300 students from 596 different schools built ideas that helped to Redefine Education. The Top 400 teams were selected to attend an intense Design Thinking Bootcamp. With value-enhancing sessions & focused interventions by our learning partners, Microsoft & Snapchat, participants enhanced their ideas & sharpened their venture pitches, giving us our Top 24.

An intense 10-minute pitch & 10-minute Jury Q&A round was the ultimate opportunity for these Top 24 teams. After hours of careful evaluation & systematic analysis, we found our Top 6 gems who bagged an award of INR 210,000 worth of seed funds for their ideas! The World Telecast of IFT Season #3 Finale aired on Mirror Now News Channel.

Giving Wings To Ideas

Hear it from our young changemakers, the experience of their entrepreneurial journey with ENpower...

  • India's Future Tycoons | Season 3 | Finale Promo
    Finale Promo
  • India’s Future Tycoons S#3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Amita
    Team Amita
  • India’s Future Tycoons S#3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Saksham
    Team Saksham
  • India’s Future Tycoons S#3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Saathi
    Team Saathi
  • India’s Future Tycoons S#3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Innovation
    Team Innovation
  • India’s Future Tycoons | Season 3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Sehpaathi
    Team Sehpaathi
  • India’s Future Tycoons | Season 3 | Top 6 Teams | Team Positvti
    Team Positvti
    IFT Trailer
  • India's Future Tycoons #2 Runners-Up: TEAM OWLETT | JOURNEY VT
    Team Owlett
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Thinking Coaches & Mentors
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Thinking Coaches & Mentors

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Our Partners

Here’s why our stakeholders
love us!

  • Discovering Myself With Learning & Laughter

    "IDEA Labs is so much fun! It’s interactive & enjoyable. I learned about empathy, my interests and so much more! I have known myself more because of ENpower's IDEA Labs. Thank You."

    Laksh Punjabi

    Student Grade 8, Mount Litera School International

  • Opens Young Minds To New Ideas

    "MAMS International Business Pitch Event 2021, was a great learning experience for our students. We were thrilled to witness the transformation in our students, after the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, as they developed out-of-the-box thinking, built venture ideas, & pitched them with great confidence on an international platform."

    Manoj Bharatwal

    Coordinator, Vaish Model Sr. Sec. School, Bhiwani

  • Bootcamp Stimulates Riveting Ideas

    "I was thrilled to see that each team enhanced their ideas with great merit & entrepreneurial acumen after attending ENpower's Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Thank you, team ENpower for helping us put together this great platform."

    Arpit Panjwani, Director, Maa Anandmayee Memorial School

    MAMS International Business Pitch Event 2021

  • Its Okay To Be Wrong Here!

    "We could speak even if we were wrong in our sessions. Our coach always encouraged us to interact during the sessions, observe things carefully. I loved the quiz times!"

    Shweta Jagtap

    Grade 9 Student, Excel School

  • Friends Turned Partners!

    Thanks to ENpower’s entrepreneurial workshop at school, we have our own website today. We even secured 3rd place at the IFT competition and presented our idea at UNGC, Mumbai.

    Eashani Parulekar & Sana Rao

    Students, VCW Arya Vidya Mandir School

  • Unconventional Bootcamp!

    India's Future Tycoons #2 were the three best days of my life! Thank you IFT team for being so kind and helpful at the bootcamp.

    Vansh Talreja

    Participant of IFT #2

  • Building Pressure For Good

    In this Design Thinking process and course, we learned how to tackle problems and how to relate and find the correct solution along with time management.

    Sneha Chaubey

    Student, Orchids International School

  • Transforming Effortlessly

    Our kids Anisha, Advit, and Rahil participated in IFT 2019 and their transformation bowled us over. Thanks to ENpower’s hands-on training, internship, and exposure to the United Nations Forum.

    Avni Ranawade, Amit Jani & Vineet Chadha

    Parents of IFT#1 Winners

  • Engrossing + Intriguing

    ENpower’s intriguing sessions teach us about how we as an upcoming generation have to be the drivers of change. The sessions are fun and interactive and make it seem so easy!

    Manasvi Pote

    Student, The Cambria International School

  • Tickled My Creative Side!

    ENpower’s 12 days workshop with funfilled games and activities helped me in creative thinking, eliminating alternatives, and optimizing resources. Thank you ENpower!

    Anaghaa Balamurugan

    Grade 9 Student, Shishuvan School

  • I'm Game For Enpower Always!

    ENpower Accelium Building Flexible Thinking session was fun! I learned so many values that will help me all my life! It was an awesome experience!

    Gaurav Sundaresan

    Grade 7 Student, V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir

  • "Thinking Creatively" & Slaying It

    ENpower’s Thinking Coach Sessions help us to tackle all the challenges even in day to day lives. I learned how to manage time and choose the right alternatives effectively.

    Koel Pathak

    Grade 11 Student, DAV Model School

  • Entertaining To Be "Out Of The Box"

    I recently took the ENpower workshop. This course is so much fun as it teaches you life skills through awesome games. It was so much fun!

    Venkateswaran Vaidyanathan

    Grade 7 Student, Shishuvan School

  • Turned Boredom To Fun!

    I recently completed the Thinking Creatively module and Deepal teacher guided me through all the interesting games and assignments. My COVID homestay was really memorable.

    Shreeharsh Mayekar

    Grade 8 Student, Little Angels High School

  • Futuristic | Truly Empowering

    The ENpower and Accelium program helps children to think, introspect, solve puzzles and challenges in a fun and relaxed way. This knowledge will certainly stay for life.

    Mala Balamurugan

    Parent, Shishuvan school

  • Inclusive Learning | Deeper Bonding

    Nikunj took a Design Thinking workshop, recently. We love to get involved in his projects and discussions eversince the workshop. The whole family is learning together."

    Mrs Chheda

    Parent,Orchids International School

  • Innovatively On Point

    I like the innovative way of teaching with playing games. The puzzle sessions are so much fun! The concept is excellent and I can use them whenever I face a problem.

    Vivaan Heda

    Grade 5 Student, DAV School

  • Simplified Difficult Jargons

    My thinking coach helped me learn new skills, simplified difficult concepts, gave interesting examples, made the entire workshop so much fun for me!

    Pooja Srivastava

    Grade 9 Student, Excel School


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