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Accelium develops high- order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games.

More than 5 million children across 30 countries have benefited from the Accelium way of learning life skills.

This 2-hour module will include playing the game on the Accelium platform and live interaction with Thinking Coach,

This course comprises of 6 months of free access to the gaming platform and two1 hour live interactive sessions with our Thinking Coach

Game Summary:

Move It: Gill is stuck in a room full of furniture and his problem is he can’t jumpover or move around to leave the room! So, the only way to solve hisproblem is to rearrange all the furniture to help him move out.

Brief Description :

Handling problems is a skill which we don’t learn formally and so everyone handles problems in their own way. Haphazardly and Unorderly!

Learn the ‘Art of Asking Questions’ as the ‘Key to Problem Solving’ and ‘Overcoming Obstacles’. 

Every Session includes 4 Parts
– Concept
– Play the game –Online Accelium Platform
– Apply to Real Life Situation
– Conclusion

The Sessions may include, Fun Videos, Challenging Quizzes, Tricky Puzzles and Interesting Activities, Fiery Debates and Stimulating Group Discussions and expressing one’s point of view!

Special Instruction:

Session Plan:

  • Understanding Problem Solving using the to discover what we don’t know method.
  • “The Detective Method” teaches about the Primary Objective- What to achieve? and the Secondary Objectives -What stands between the objectives?
  • Obstacles that need to be moved from the path. The Bear and the Deer did that but the wrong way! Learn from a fun Video.
  • Learn to ask Questions more and more questions
  • Correct order to finding a solution.
  • Arranging and implementing actions best suited to achieve the objective.
  • Importance of planning ahead
  • Learning to apply the concept in an orderly,
    meticulous and the appropriate move order thereby lowering the chances of making a mistake.

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