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Welcome to the world of Accelium, your personlized learning platform which combines online games with life skill learning!

Accelium develops high- order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games. More than 5 million children across 30 countries have benefited from the Accelium way of learning life skills.

This course comprises of 6 months of free access to the gaming platform and twelve 1 hour live interactive sessions with our Thinking Coach

Game Summary:

Pingwin – Welcome to the the north pole, these game pieces are no other than Polar bears and a funny penguin. We have to help the Penguin getting into the fishing hole, the polar bears need to help .. and yes, this needs lot of thinking because the polar bears refuse to move in a direction you want. You have to think and plan!

Brief Description :

These modules will teach us ways and means of Analyzing and Solving problems!

Every Session includes 4 Parts
– Concept
– Play the game –Online Accelium Platform
– Apply to Real Life Situation
– Conclusion

The Sessions may include, Fun Videos, Challenging Quizzes, Tricky Puzzles, and Interesting Activities, Fiery Debates and Stimulating Group Discussions and expressing one’s point of view, Home Assignments

Special Instruction:

Session Plan:

  • A mystery riddle can help break some of our perceptions
  • Analyse and deduce from the information provided.
  • Anchors help us to simplify concepts and maps too!
  • Anchors help us focus and take us closer to the solution
  • Observe a dove (Video) and learn from its moves, they are intelligent and can quickly adapt to solve problems
  • Bongard – a Russian Computer Science expert, as a challenge for programmers. Learn and solve problems the ‘Bongard’ way
  • Patterns help us organize the information and connect it to other subjects that we have learned before.
  • Applying this method to master the school subjects

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