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Welcome to the world of Accelium, your personlized learning platform which combines online games with life skill learning!

Accelium develops high- order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games. More than 5 million children across 30 countries have benefited from the Accelium way of learning life skills.

This course comprises of 6 months of free access to the gaming platform and twelve 1 hour live interactive sessions with our Thinking Coach

Learn a powerful Problem-Solving Technique using Accelium’s Gaming Platform.

Game Summary:

5 Different, fun and engaging games which includes:

1. Checkers- A strategy game played on an 8×8 checkerboard. The origin of Checkers is known to be somewhere around 3000 BC. The game is played by two opponents, on opposite sides of the gameboard. One player has the dark pieces; the other has the light pieces. Players alternate turns in the attempt to be the first to capture all the opponent pieces. We need to capture the board before the opponent (computer) does.

2. MaxIT– A popular game with the students, it has a board filled with numbers, with the opponent (computer ) and we have to beat it with a higher score. And sometimes the challenge is keep your score lower. The rows / columns of numbers belong to one player. Think, Plan, Calculate and Win!

3. Elements – The planet is going to be overtaken by Ice if we don’t save it by using fire! An interesting game where we compete with the computer to change the colour of the board to orange depicting ‘Fire’. The opponent is fast and will beat you unless you think ahead. One Move can affect the future moves and unless we use our brains the computer will beat us each time!

4. Climb up– Mountain Climbing is tough and good part is we need to help the climber figure out the best route to grab the red flag! Use ropes of various lengths and tug it to the peg. The climber will use the path you create to win. No opponents in the game. Play and win solo!

5. Lockdown- These robots want to take over our world and we won’t let them. A small robot is trying to escape and we will have to stop it. We need to black his path, but it is fast and smart well it’s a robot. Race against the next move, think ahead and block all exits before it escapes. Well !! there are more than 25 exit points, that’s one challenge worth taking!

Evaluation :

Get a quick report as a graphical representation of the following 4 skills.

1. Planning
2. Prioritizing
3. Time Management
4. Seeing the Big Picture

Brief Description :

Uncertainties are a part of life. Handling them is a skill which we don’t learn formally. Uncertainties seem unpleasant and keeps us feeling jittery and nervous all the time.

Learn to Deal with Uncertainties by applying personal accountability to it, that means we are responsible for our own actions. Our actions can make or break all task we undertake. Skills like predicting results, understanding consequences, retract your actions, accept defeat learning from failures, keep the bigger goal in mind, using the resources help us deal with ambiguities

Every Session includes 4 Parts
– Concept
– Play the game –Online Accelium Platform
– Apply to Real Life Situation
– Conclusion

The Sessions include, Fun Videos, Challenging Quizzes, Tricky Puzzles and Interesting Activities, Fiery Debates and Stimulating Group, Discussions and expressing one’s point of view!

Special Instruction:

Session Plan:

  • Take ownership of your own actions
  • Accepting both the desired and undesired results of your actions
  • Sharpen your decision making skills
  • Small actions are make huge difference to the future outcomes
  • Importance of learning to put off something fun or pleasurable.
  • Learn from a fun video of a sheep, how unnecessary hurry could be the cause of huge mistakes
  • The Ant and Cricket Story is here to teach you some important skills
  • Learn to Visualize negative Consequences
  • Observe and Learn from Chain reactions of generosity
  • The impact unexpected acts of Kindness can have
  • The Battle of Fire and Ice can show us how chain reactions work
  • Learn about gratitude, watch a video, feel the happiness of giving!
  • Identifying possibilities. Like a tree with branches and a strong base to learn from.
  • Analysing and choosing among the possibilities, with a puzzle.
  • Apply the method to some tough decisions in life
  • Many alternatives exist, learn to choose them correctly.
  • Dominos World challenge (Video) and what we can learn from that.
  • Asking Questions to reach the desired solution
  • Learn to make the best move
  • Reinforce predicting results
  • How decisions should be made the ‘Gnu’ way
  • Possible outcomes for each option
  • Reinforce the Thinking Tree method of identifying possibilities
  • Numbers can teach this skill in a powerful way.
  • Defining our goal
  • Defining the resources we need in order to reach our goal.
  • Making a path to achieve the goal
  • Apply the learnings to survive in the wilderness
  • When facing a tough challenge learn to withdraw when the situations arises
  • Retreat just to change your path and move ahead some other way
  • Life gives us options; we have to learn to explore them.
  • The Himalayan Expedition helps us understand this concept.
  • Deal with setbacks
  • Real life example of ‘Kerri’ the Famous Gymnast
  • Broaden your perspective
  • Seek new resources when we are out of existing
  • Learn from Droodels
  • Analyze the entire information
  • Reinforcing the concept of looking at the broader view.
  • Learn to draw conclusions
  • Learn to look at the long term consequences of our actions
  • Situations to teach that ‘Time’ and ‘Money’ are big resources that must be saved
  • Reinforcing looking at the bigger pictures
  • Skills we learnt are put to test
  • Recap of the learnings of all the sessions
  • Group Evaluation Workout
  • Self-Evaluation on
    1. Planning
    2. Prioritizing
    3. Time Management
    4. Seeing the Big Picture

One click comparison of scores with students around the world.

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