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Game Summary:

Let’s get introduced to the 4 exciting games that will be used in the learning sessions.

1. Move It– Helping Little Gill out of a room full of furniture, he is stuck and can’t make his way out, rearranging all the furniture to help him move out. The furniture is all haphazardly arranged and it ends up blocking the each other’s path as well.

2. Pingwin- Welcome to the the north pole, these game pieces are no other than Polar bears and a funny penguin. We have to help the Penguin getting into the fishing hole, the polar bears need to help and yes, this needs lot of thinking because the polar bears refuse to move in a direction you want. You have to think and plan a lot!

3. Blocker –Like the block of wood shaped like a wrestler, aim is to reach the opposite edge, however the opponent (computer) can block your path with barriers. You can be potentially be surrounded with barriers from all sides and lose the game but of course you can do the same thing to the opponent. Strategies waiting to be discovered to come up with smart ways to block the opponent first or race to the finish line.

4. 2 Flags – A group of 5 competing scout’s race to each other’s flags. Their rank is an advantage but not always. They are all lined on a board and they can hop square to square in all directions and can push other each other out of the game. The computer as our competitor makes it tough but challenging. The game helps hone lots of our thinking skills.

Evaluation :

Get a quick report as  graphical representation of the following 4 skills. 

1. Quick Thinking,
2. Analytical Ability
3. Performance under pressure
4. Adaptability

Brief Description :

This course enables students to with thinking tools which accelerate their Thinking Process 

Along the course students identify and explore their learning style, acknowledge their strengths, and learn how to exploit them on a day-to- day basis in order to learn effectively and attain their goals.

Every Session includes 4 Parts
– Concept
– Play the game –Online Accelium Platform
– Apply to Real Life Situation
– Conclusion

The Sessions include, Fun Videos, Challenging Quizzes, Tricky Puzzles and Interesting Activities, Fiery Debates and Stimulating Group.

Special Instruction:

Session Plan

  • When problems seem complicated and intimidating learn the concept of breaking them down.
  • Learn to deal with smaller problems first and then move to larger ones
  • Learn to divide workload and keep yourself motivated with the progress
  • Have you eaten a burger? We have lessons that can be learnt from burger making.
  • Look the final goal and plan it end to beginning
  • End to beginning solutions on missing the school bus or studying for a test
  • Learn how ‘Newton’s discovery’ is this method
  • Learn a different perspective
  • Every problem has a core learn to discover it
  • Learn to solve complex life problems, even math problems have a core
  • Analyse the problem Elements
  • Shorten the time to solve problems by discovering the core
  • Learn why decision making is a complex and interesting process.
  • Learn from the video of a from a former Colombian footballer in a friendly football match
  • Learn the factors that influence our decision
  • Observe the snippet of another football match of the same team and learn from their mistakes
  • Learn from a Video clip that demonstrates a nice example of the topic of diversions and distractions.
  • Learn what distracts our attention while studying.
  • Learn to stick to your goals
  • Learn to fight the temptation of getting involved in other things
  • A challenging riddle which forces look at every one’s perspectives
  • Learn to know the reasons behind a person’s decision by ‘stepping into their shoes’
  • Imagine yourself in others situation
  • Learn to act appropriately
  • A mystery riddle can help break some of our perceptions
  • Analyse and deduce from the information provided.
  • Anchors help us to simplify concepts and maps too!
  • Anchors help us focus and take us closer to the solution
  • Observe a dove (Video) and learn from its moves, they are intelligent and can quickly adapt to solve problems
  • Bongard – a Russian Computer Science expert, as a challenge for programmers. Learn and solve problems the ‘Bongard’ way
  • Patterns help us organize the information and connect it to other subjects that we have learned before.
  • Applying this method to master the school subjects
  • Video of a League match between two famous soccer teams makes you think about basics of a skill
  • Messi conquers a goal by challenging the accepted logic, learn life lessons from his move.
  • Learn that first need to master the basics and dedicate lots of practice time
  • Learn the tools of ‘understand rules’, ‘Discovering principles’ and ‘taking action’
  • A snail and a hiker what do they have in common? learn this unique correlation
  • Learn from the hikers qualities, self-confidence, persistence, resilience, resourcefulness etc
  • Learn to focus on the goal and be motivated to achieve it.
  • Learn skills like recognition, withdrawal and get back on track
  • Learn to pay attention to the usage of our resources
  • Learn that ‘Time is a big resource, watch a movie clip from “In the Pursuit of Happiness’ and learn from the famous Hollywood actor
  • Self-block as a resource management tool
  • How to allocate time to each activity in the day
  • Skills we learnt are put to test
  • Recap of the learnings of all the sessions
  • Group Evaluation Workout
  • Self-Evaluation on
    1. Quick Thinking,
    2. Analytical Ability
    3. Performance under pressure
    4. Adaptability
  • One click comparison of scores with students around the

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