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Beating the pandemic blues, IFT has made it again !

And finally IFT # 3 got its Top 24 finalist teams whose ideas have shown the potential to #redefine_education !

This journey was from overall 7300 students from 596 schools (330 schools in IFT#2) and 285 different cities (152 cities in IFT# 2) who participated in the appeal to contribute with their ideas on the subject that matters them the most !

Top 400 teams had gone through an intense bootcamp and value enhancing sessions conducted by our partners that has helped them to enrich their ideas and sharpen their venture pitches.

Top 24 teams will get mentoring sessions

About IFT :

Wed 10th Feb 20215.30-6.30 pmLive interaction with Mr Ramanan Ramanathan (Mission Director – Atal Innovation Mission)
7.00- 8.00 pmLive interaction with Ms Shabnam Siddiqui (Executive Director Officiating, UN-GCNI)
Thurs 11th Feb 20215.30 pm -7.30 pm

Mentorship opportunities with experts

Mr Alex Velasco (Design Thinking )

Mr Uttam Hasabnis (Branding & Logo)

Mr Sushil Mungekar (Converting ideas into ventures)

Mr Arvind Narayanan (Building effective pitches)

Fri 12th Feb 20215.30 pm -7.30 pm

User testing and feedback on pitches

Team Enpower & our Student Advisory Board

  1. All top teams will present their idea pitches to our eminent jury on 14th Feb 2021
    1. Dr Kaustubh Dhargalkar (Entrepreneur turned Academician & Innovation Evangelist)
    2. Mr Rajendra Bhat (Practive Head- Entrepreneurship Education)
    3. Mr Uday Wankawala (AIC –Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini Foundation)
  2. The jury interaction will be facilitated online and timeslots for the presentation will be communicated on 12th Feb 2021
  3. Each team will get 10 minutes to pitch their idea and 10 minutes for Q&A with the jury panel.
  4. Winning 6 teams eligible for the seed money will be announced on the 14th Feb 2021
  5. What Top 6 teams will get
    1. Opportunity to pitch idea in the IFT#3 Show planned on 28th Feb 2021
    2. Total seed funding of INR 210,000 for Top 6 teams
      • INR 100,000 seed money for winning team
      • INR 50,000 seed money for 1st runner up
      • INR 30,000 seed money for 2nd runner up
      • INR 10,000 seed money for next 3 teams
    3. Winning trophies
    4. A complete journey video on who they are, what’s their background, how they came up with an idea, impact, aspirations and jury feedback will be shot by team ENpower at their respective locations
    5. The idea story videos will be put on all digital properties of ENpower
    6. Opportunity to represent IFT in all national/ international competitions and forums of partners throughout the year
  1. IFT Bootcamp: You have won a confirmed seat in our prestigious bootcamp which is scheduled on 24th Jan & 26th Jan 2021. Make sure you attend one of these 6 hours, intense, experiential and fun filled bootcamps. Bootcamp will not only help you to learn about converting simple ideas into meaningful ventures but also provide you a guidance on your idea to make it in Top 24! The schedule is as follows
    9.30 am -11.00 am : Introduction to change & how can I drive change around me !
    12.00 pm- 1.30 pm : Design Thinking : A powerful tool of solving complex problems!
    2.30 pm – 4.00 pm : How do I convert an idea into useful product/ service
    5.00 pm – 6.30pm : How do I build a venture around my product idea !Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with some of the best international speakers, subject matter experts and mentors.
  2. Value enhancement Sessions : In order to help you to refine your solution ideas and prototypes, we have organized FOUR live interactive sessions with experts
    Date Time Session Conducted By
    Wednesday, 27th Jan 2021 5:30pm -7:30 pm Master your communication using AR lens Team Snapchat
    Thursday, 28th Jan 2021 5:30pm -7:30 pm Explore the world of Digital & Gamification Team Microsoft
    Friday, 29th Jan 2021 4.30pm -6.30 pm Telling a story of an idea ! Team ADYPU
    Saturday, 30th Jan 2021 3:00 – 4:30 pm Explore the world of Digital & Gamification Team Microsoft
    4.30pm -6.30 pm Making logos & brands Team ADYPU
  3. Submit your final ideas : Work on your ideas by incorporating all the learning from bootcamp and enhancement sessions through the week. We are sure that this will help your idea to blossom into a great business venture. Ensure you submit your final output ( the formats will be discussed and explained during bootcamp sessions) on or before 2nd February 2021.
  4. Announcement of IFT#3 Top 24 ideas : 8th February 2021 @ 10.00 pm
  5. Idea mentorship week : All top 24 ideas will get one on one/ group mentorships through various sessions planned between 9th February to 12th February 2021. This includes deeper involvement on
    • design thinking,
    • product development
    • business modelling
    • financial modelling &
    • brand building
    This will make you perfectly ready to the Finale scheduled on 14th February 2021
  6. Top 6 : Winning ideas Top 24 teams will pitch their ideas to eminent Jury on 14th February 2021 The finale will be conducted based on online interactions and each participating team will be briefed about detailed process. Top 6 winners will be announced on the same day who will be eligible for the seed funding pooling to INR 200,000 So fasten your seat belts , and here we go !

Glimpses of IFT # 2

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AKSHAT Nailwal AKSHAT Nailwal
Posted 2 months ago

very helpful and interesting and knowledge

Abhijit Kharat Abhijit Kharat
Posted 2 months ago


M. Rishi Kanth M. Rishi Kanth
Posted 2 months ago

It is helpful for everyone who get chance to tell their idea out

Sidra Fatima Sidra Fatima
Posted 2 months ago
Excellent Course👏🏻👏🏻

I like doing like this courses and Now I have a Nice & Interesting course to do ....

Mirza aman Mirza aman
Posted 3 months ago


Himanshu Yadav Himanshu Yadav
Posted 3 months ago

It is free of cost so it gives an opportunity to students to come up and show their ideas

Bhavya Gupta Bhavya Gupta
Posted 3 months ago
It just great

Many times I think of some betterment in the school education and I think I am T the right place

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!


Gear Up for the big reveal of the top 6 breakthrough ideas that have made it to the IFT S3 Grand Finale after spending their blood, sweat and tears in the last few months. The future of education in India is here. #RedefineEducation.
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