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Brief Description :

Experiences teach you more than text books! Wondering about how entrepreneurs think? Do you know this is something you can easily do?

IDEA Labs is a 18 hour simulation of an entrepreneurial journey specially designed just for you. IDEA stands for Innovation, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship & Acceleration. This experiential program will help you to appreciate various stages in entrepreneurship, skills and tools that they use during this journey and how one can apply in real life.

In the Advanced Program, you would be going through

Special Instruction:

Session Plan:

Each session is designed to take the student through the journey of an Entrepreneur
  • How do we build an ability to see, observe and understand changes within you and around you?
  • Who is a ‘Change Driver’? How do they think?
  • Think like a Doctors in 2050? or any profession for that
  • Change is not a threat, learn to embrace it
  • Where does the magic begin?
  • To stretch our imagination to dream big and defining my idea of ‘success’
  • Undergo an extensive ‘Self -Reflection Activity’
  •  Dreams are individual expressions and are unique to us
  • Magic of combining dream with ‘passion’
  • What is Drive? Is it the same as passion or different?
  • How to arrive at a perfect goal that is build on my dream, passion & drive
  • Why is observation skill an essential character of a person?
  • Exploring a world of products and services around us and understanding what difference it makes to our life
  • The dilemma of needs and wants.
  • What makes products and services successful ?
  • Who is an Entrepreneur?
  • What is Entrepreneurial Mindset?
  • Understand Skills that are needed by an Entrepreneur with the help of case studies
  • Empathy is linked to Observations, Interpretations, Needs and Ideas
  • Understanding importance of Empathy through a game
  • Process of observing and synthesising information
  • Learn the difference between Empathy and Sympathy
  • The Debono’s Hats are a radical way of thinking
  • Learn to solve problems the systematic way
  • One mind – Six different ways of thinking!
  • Improve Exploration
  • Foster Collaborative Thinking
  • Learning to define a Problem Statement
  • Looking at the all aspects to understanding of problem better
  • What is 95:5 rule in defining a problem ?
  • How do we pick the problem that we want to solve ?
  • Convergent & Divergent Thinking Methods
  • Functional Fixedness and games of Thinking Out of the Box
  • Learn the 3 unique ideation techniques as a stairway to multiple ideas
  • Framework of identifying ‘opportunities’ from ‘ideas’
  • Understand the Criticality-Solution Map
  • Understand the Customer and Consumer
  • Understand Competition
  • Find Resources
  • Learn the FAB way
  • How to convert an idea into product/ service?
  • Apply FAB to your solution/idea
  • Why it’s important to have an idea that makes money ?
  • Learn, Discuss and Understand the Revenue Models of Various Companies and make your company revenue Model
  • What is a value proposition ? How to build it for your own for your product/s service ?
  • Understand the resources are needed to run the venture
  • Understand the processes that make it up
  • Link the sources to Value Proposition
  • Why is a business model is important ?
  • Learn to create your own Business model Canvas
  • Dig Deeper into more Revenue & expenses
  • Learn about Branding, Logos and Jingles as strong Marketing strategies
  • Learn from Famous Brand Logos, create some for your own Brand!
  • Communication is the key to all brands, learn why and how.
  • Learn to grab attention
  • Price is decided by the market, learn how the customers decide the price based on Value
  • Understand Profit/Loss Price Cost
  • Discover this important aspect of venture building
  • Dig into the Sandwich Making Business 
  • Look at the break even and profit margins
  • Learn to apply this to your Venture
  • 20×20 presentation format shows your 20 chosen images, each for 20 seconds.
  • In other words, you’ve got 400 seconds to tell your story
  • Apply this technique to your venture

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Nysaa Bakshi Nysaa Bakshi
Posted 5 months ago
A Very well done project!!

I learnt a lot while attending this project and this is one of the best workshops I have attended. It has helped me to learn a lot. Thank you IdeaLabs team for putting up such an effort! Your Student, Nysaa Bakshi, Pune, Maharashtra India

Devanshi Ranjan Devanshi Ranjan
Posted 5 months ago


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