Idea labs intermediate level - course for 11+ years old kid
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Brief Description :

Experiences teach you more than textbooks!
Wondering about how entrepreneurs think? Do you know this is something you can easily do as well?
IDEA Labs is a 18 hour simulation of an entrepreneurial journey specially designed just for you.
IDEA stands for Innovation, Design ThinkingEntrepreneurshipAccelerator.
This experiential program will help you to appreciate various stages in entrepreneurship, skills and tools that are used during this journey and how one can apply it to real life. 

The Idea Labs Intermediate takes you through

Learning Goals:

Special Instruction:

Session Plan:

Each session is designed to take the student through the journey of an Entrepreneur
  • What happens when we challenge the obvious ?
  • Why is understanding changes around us necessary ?
  • How to we build a mindset to observe changes?
  • How to embrace changes?
  • Understanding how changes around us have made our lives better
  • Understanding genesis of changes
  • Understanding what motivates people to change
  • Understanding who drives these changes
  • What are ‘needs’ ?
  • Different types and levels of needs
  • Diminishing marginal utility game
  • Understanding a world of products / services around us and their needs
  • A game that helps us understand ‘Entrepreneurship’
  • Entrepreneurship stories and how they have driven changes in our life
  • What is Empathy?
  • Optimal use of our observations and listening skills
  • How do we empathise with individuals?
  • The Debono’s Hats are a radical way of thinking
  • Learn to solve problems the systematic way
  • One mind – Six different ways of thinking!
  • Improve Exploration
  • Foster Collaborative Thinking
  • Convergent & divergent thinking process
  • Tools of creative thinking
  • What it takes to think creatively all the time ?
  • Brainstorming
  • Mindmaps
  • Observing objects using the 5 senses
  • What is ‘Out of Box Thinking’ ?
  • Understanding consumers & customers
  • What makes the market ?
  • Why do users buy products/ service solutions?
  • What converts idea into opportunity?
  • Breaking simple products into components
  • Understanding the utility of each component & the value it adds
  • Understanding benefits
  • Linking benefits to the product features
  • How to design simple products?
  • How to take feedback from the users?
  • Learning from failures
  • Incorporating feedback in the product development
  • Learn to identify our resources
  • Building our own social capital
  • How to assess resources needed to build a simple product?
  • How to set short & long term goals?
  • How to build a growth mindset?
  • What is risk ? How do entrepreneurs view risk ?
  • Why is it important to make money? What is ‘sustainability’?
  • How do entrepreneurs make money?
  • Draw a simple revenue matrix for products
  • What’s there in the name?
  • What should the name communicate?
  • Learn from Famous Brand Logos about what do they communicate?
  • Learn to grab attention
  • Understanding the price of a product. Who determines the price?
  • What are profits or losses?
  • What is a financial model? How to consider all costs?
  • Business Model building considering all the stakeholders
  • Understand resources and processes
  • What is our uniqueness? (value proposition)
  • Why are entrepreneurs good storytellers ?
  • What should be covered in every entrepreneurship story?
  • Building the story of your entrepreneurial journey
  • Showcase

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