Idea labs beginner level - course for a 9+ years old kid
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Brief Description :

Experiences teach you more than textbooks! Wondering about how entrepreneurs think? Do you know this is something you can easily do as well? IDEA Labs is a 18 hour simulation of an entrepreneurial journey specially designed just for you. IDEA stands for Innovation Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Accelerator. This experiential program will help you to appreciate various stages in Entrepreneurship, Skills and Tools that they use during this journey and how one can apply in real life.

In the Idea Labs Beginner, you would be going through the following-

Learning Goals:

Special Instruction:

Session Plan:

Each session is designed in a way that the student is taken through a journey of an Entrepreneur
  • Introduction to shapes, colours, numbers and building relatability
  • Introduction to five senses and understanding power of observation
  • Understanding how ‘change’ drives a new creative way
  • What is the product ? What is service ?
  • Why do they exist in our life?
  • How can we imagine our one day without our favorite product ?
  • What is invention & innovation ?
  • How innovations change our lives?
  • Stories of innovations
  • What do entrepreneurs do ?
  • How entrepreneurs identify our needs ?
  • What does it take to think like an entrepreneur?
  • ‘Open’ and ‘Close’ ended questions,  when should those be used?
  • Living the life of a ‘Product’ and understanding its perspective
  • Understand the importance of simple questioning techniques
  • How to map all experiences by asking the ‘right’ questions?
  • Understanding what works & what does not.
  • Identifying & aggregating all the ‘pain’ points
  • Why do we need to think creatively ?
  • What does an idea mean?
  • Understand collaboration in creative thinking
  • Understand, What do we benefit from a product? 
  • Breaking down the existing products to understand the correlation with benefits
  • Linking product features to benefits
  • Understand, What resources do we have?
  • Building creative ideas to use existing resources
  • How do we reduce the resource gap?
  • Techniques to better current products
  • How can we rebuild products using simple ideation techniques?
  • How can existing resources be used in a better way?
  • What is uncertainty? Why does uncertainty lead to risk ?
  • Understanding low risk and high risk
  • Learn to understand ‘risk vs return payoff’ through game
  • What do entrepreneurs do when they face a risk or uncertainty?
  • A game to sum up all the entrepreneurship traits
  • Importance of each trait, individually & collectively
  • Design our own product
  • Articulating features & benefits
  • Build the look & feel components of product
  • Understanding our customer better
  • Evaluating multiple channels to make our product available
  • Shortlisting the channel that works best for us
  • Who all would be involved to take this product to the consumer?
  • What is in it for them? Why would they be part of your process?
  • Building a simple business model keeping in mind all the stakeholders
  • Understanding how a transaction takes place
  • Basic concepts of pricing
  • Simple activity to understand our small role in the bigger economic cycle
  • How do we name our product?
  • How do we communicate our story?
  • Converting our journey in a story

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