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About the Activity:

Early adolescence is the most formative stage of life. At this age, children start becoming independent and build their own beliefs, habits and thinking. They start looking at the world from their own creative way. Every child is born with a creative mind. It all depends on how we help and encourage them to use that. Creativity is not just being an artist or a craftsman. It’s a way of expressing one’s thoughts. This live simulation is a combination of fun filled & step by step processes where participants work on their creative way of solving problems by building innovative product solutions. It helps child to go through series of convergent & divergent thinking to come up with unique ideas that can transform existing products. It’s fun when participants come up with final product that is way more different than the existing one and loaded with lot more functionalities

Brief Description :

This is a high powered time based structured simulation which encourages children to go through creative thinking in a step by step manner. This is two hour interactive session with children to unleash their creative thinking Children (8-12 years of age) are taken through a structured process of creative thinking. It moves through various stages of creativity and lead to converting an abstract imagination into building a tangible outcome in just 59 minutes Creative thinking is often termed as abstract. However, this session would help children to make it more tangible, simple and effective by relating it to their daily use of products.

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Adwiti Suri Adwiti Suri
Posted 6 months ago

It was really fun and way better than my expectations too! I didn't like the drawing bit but other wise it was really good.

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