Entrepreneurship Mindset Unlocks Infinite Opportunities

We, as parents or educators, want ‘what’s best’ for our children. We are constantly trying to regulate, monitor, shape, and improve ‘what’ and ‘how’ they learn. But sometimes, our endeavour to chase academic excellence and cultivate diverse talents in our children becomes an obsession. Unknowingly this creates an overpowering burden of achieving marks and grades or staying relevant with the latest new skill development trend like coding, digital design, or animation. What if this takes a toll on their spontaneous growth?

We at ENpower, believe every child has inherent talents, skills, and abilities. If we identify this quotient at the right time, we can nurture their uniqueness and help them carve their niche. We, as pivotal decision-makers of our future generations, owe it to our children to preserve their childhood while paving their future.

The future, on the other hand, is unpredictable. The world around us is evolving faster than we can imagine. Most of these careers we are chasing today may perish by 2030. Changing times demand the broadening of our horizons. We need to focus on the thoughts, ideas, and passion of our children. We need to encourage simple ideas that can solve complex problems. We need to blend ‘knowledge’ with ‘creativity’ to enable innovation. We need to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset among our children to make them independent, self-reliant, and confident in overcoming any uncertainty.

An entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t necessarily mean encouraging ‘business orientation.’ An entrepreneurial mindset empowers us to think differently, be confident, critically analyze problems, innovate solutions that solve big-picture problems, regulate and control emotions, and much more! An entrepreneurial mindset will help children navigate through future uncertainties in life, build necessary life skills, think with a fresh perspective, and cultivate the right attitude. With this core strength, they can discover their interests and talents and build a strong career path.

How to stimulate ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ among children?

ENpower has created a structured 18-hour online program named IDEA Labs. IDEA stands for Innovation, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, and Acceleration. It is an age-appropriate, fun, engaging, highly energetic, game-based program that takes students through the life cycle of entrepreneurship. The purpose of IDEA labs is to encourage experiential learning because experiences teach you more than textbooks. With each structured live-session of 2-hours, children experience how to identify crucial problems, find opportunities within adversity, how to analyze a problem critically, and create innovative solutions in a step-by-step manner. At Idea Labs, students take their creative ideas and make a venture out of it! The students are guided seamlessly through the entire experience by expert ‘Thinking Coaches’ who make learning fun, effortless, and permanent for children.

Over 5000 students have already experienced the power of ‘IDEA.’ It is time for you to experience the same! Explore IDEA Labs